Why Bernie Sanders is the best Libertarian candidate in the running

It is every libertarian’s duty to vote for the most socialist President America has seen in decades.


Because the reality of the situation is that the banker-political class has accumulated trillions of dollars through intensive co-operation with decades of government coercion of the populace. In other words, the people who currently hold most of the capital are very bad capitalists – their capital is a phony capital contrived out of fiat money printing, extensive regulations to curb competition, and artificially high barriers to entry.

Implementing a libertarian government under this context is a false libertarianism. It’s like building up a cattle farm and trying to survive on it as a vegan.

What we need at this point is a reset. The markets are too far perturbed from the idealized “free market” by these artificially immense forces that are “too big to fail”. It’s a sort of hysteresis, a dynamical systems term describing how a little push in one direction can require a really large push to get back the other direction.

Now, I think it’s important to establish that government is doomed, regardless. The new technological elite is ever more rapidly replacing critical functions of society, and will in time come to supplant the entire democratic and political infrastructure through a system of open source software projects. But the incumbents in finance and politics want to either restrict this development (think backlash against bittorrent, uber, bitcoin, and other disruptive technologies), or want to cement themselves at the top of it.

What Bernie Sanders is proposing is a massive redistribution of wealth from the banking-political class towards the education of the masses, to effectively expand the scope of the new technological elite, affording us a more democratic and ultimately freer market in the future technopia, as more individuals are able to participate at technical levels. Effectively, whether he knows it or not, his proposals will expedite the process of technology replacing government, by increasing the class of individuals that can contribute to said technology.

Socialist as this redistribution of wealth sounds, it is absolutely critical if America is going to pull it self out of the slum which has ameliorated its middle class through the artificial manipulation of markets by government. It’s like taking one step back (socialism) to take two steps forward (greater population wide STEM competence and more radical technological innovation). Whereas jumping to a libertarian society today might be one step forward now in exchange for two steps back later (when the majority populace is locked in technological incompetence by extended ineligibility to access education and the entrenched fascism of the upper class bad-capitalists).

In other words, Bernie is the best Libertarian candidate out there.

So do the right thing for Liberty. Vote for Bernie.